A note from the Inventor, Dylan Gastel:


When I set out to design The 60 Minute Backyard Rink ™, I started with what was most important. I went to the drawing board — not with a specific design in mind — but instead with a drive to invent a backyard ice rink that was truly simple to assemble.

EZ ICE's patent-pending bracket and strap system eliminates all the hassle from building a backyard skating rink. No more strenuous labor of hammering stakes into unforgiving ground. The EZ ICE 60 Minute Backyard Rink is the only backyard ice skating rink that can be assembled in under an hour, with no tools, and on any surface.

Before EZ ICE, there was no simple solution for the hundreds of thousands of families across North America who constructed backyard ice skating rinks each winter. All old-fashioned rinks required stakes to be pounded into the ground and could not be assembled once the ground freezes solid.

Purchasing any backyard rink that is not an EZ ICE rink is a huge mistake. With no stakes, there's no mistakes! Don't waste dozens of hours of backbreaking labor and frostbite hammering together any other rink.

Don’t just take it from me, listen to NHL Hall of Famer, Marty St. Louis, who calls EZ ICE, “The best backyard hockey rink in the world. Period."

All EZ ICE rinks are Proudly Made in the USA! EZ ICE has manufacturers or warehouses in Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, Michigan, Connecticut, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Ultimately, I started EZ ICE to give kids and families all across North America the same amazing winter experiences that molded my childhood — skating for hours with teammates and friends, playing with my brother and dad, and coming off the ice to hot chocolate and my mom’s famous french toast (unfortunately, the french toast is not included with your rink).  

Every year the EZ ICE family grows as more and more families get Off the Device and On the Ice ™. I hope that you can join us in bringing hockey to more backyards with less hassle, shorter set-up, and better quality than ever before.


— Dylan Gastel

EZ ICE Inventor & CEO



Make America Skate Again!