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Rounded Corners Upgrade

EZ ICE, Inc.


Upgrade your Classic Height EZ ICE rink with rounded corners for the best puck play of any backyard rink!

What's included: 8 Rounded Corner Boards (2 for each corner) and 8 Board Connectors 

The rounded corner panels replace your existing corner boards, so your rink maintains the original dimensions. The two rounded boards interlock in the same way your straight boards connect. Simply take the strap loop from one of your existing red corner brackets and attach it on the other corner bracket. Use this bracket with the two loops at the intersection of the corner boards.

This rounded corner upgrade is meant for Classic Height customers only. For all other rink upgrades, please visit the EZ Upgrade page. The rounded corner boards are compatible with all EZ ICE rinks and are engineered to be as durable and easy-to-use as our straight side boards.


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