Designed for Assembly on Frozen Ground

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EZ ICE is the #1 Backyard Rink

No Stakes. No Hammering. No Frustration.

Say goodbye to backbreaking weekends. EZ ICE Rinks set up in 60 minutes or less. Our patented strap system means no stakes, tools, or hardware of any kind are required!

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The Most Intuitive Backyard Ice Rink Ever Invented

No hammering large stakes into unforgiving ground.

No complicated measuring or trigonometry.

No regrets.

EZ ICE Rinks are Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA. Backyard ice hockey rinks engineered for enjoyment all winter long. Skate on your very own backyard ice hockey rink

Proudly Designed & Manufactured in the USA with Majority U.S. Parts

All EZ ICE components are manufactured from the highest quality materials and are engineered to be tougher than the harshest winters.

Bring Hockey Home This Winter!

Our mission goes beyond manufacturing the best backyard hockey rinks in the world. Our goal is to get 1 million kids and families Off the Device and On the Ice™ and enjoying the thrills of skating right in their very own backyards.

See Why Our Customers LOVE Their EZ ICE Rinks

  • “My birthday gift was getting to enjoy a first mother and son skate on our rink this weekend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making your rink kits user friendly.”

    Amy (New York)

  • "We absolutely love our EZ ICE Rink. All 3 of our kids use it a bunch. They have a blast!  My son's hands and confidence have really improved over this winter and it has really come through on his team. It's been great fun and a total success."

    Todd (Michigan)

  • "Each night after school my daughter comes home and gets an hour on her EZ ICE Rink.  Her coach has commented that her stick handling has improved as a result. The ability to have her own small area to just play by herself is awesome."

    Paul (New Jersey)

  • "The entire neighborhood loves our EZ ICE Rink (we had 6 boys playing hockey for 4 hours yesterday!)"

    Joanna (Massachusetts)

  • "With boys aged 5 and 13, we have a lot of use of our EZ ICE Rink. It’s hosted birthday parties and is the ‘go to’ place for our boys teams to gather. We love that they can skate any time they want, and love the ease of storage in the summer and set up in the fall. Everyone who comes over compliments the rink and we tell them about the great product and excellent service we got from you.  Thank you for everything! We love our EZ ICE Rink!!"

    Tiffany (Manitoba)

  • "Our new community EZ ICE Rink was an incredible hit it's first winter! Residents in town can't wait to get back out on the ice again this year - for once people are actually wishing for colder weather! It was quick and easy to assemble with a small group of people. Our 40x80' rink provided months of fun for skaters and hockey players of all ages here in Ely, Iowa!"

    Callie (Iowa)

  • "Quickest set up and take down in the business! I can't wait for winter simply because of our EZ ICE Rink!!!"

    Peter (Connecticut)

  • "As an ice rink novice I fully expected this would be somewhat challenging to assemble, but I couldn't be more wrong. My 8 and 6 year old boys and I had it up in under an hour. It was so easy! My 5 inch pitch in my yard was no issue. A huge success. My kids are already pestering me to expand it next year."

    Matt (New York)

  • "The puck plays off the boards much better than it does with wood. The action is closer to what you get on a real rink."

    Henry (New York)

  • "Love the product! We will be looking at expanding our EZ ICE Rink next winter."

    Troy (Minnesota)

  • "We got the 20' x 40' package and last year we increased to 25' x 40'… it went up so easily over frozen ground.  Last year we flooded our rink the first week of December, skating a week later and skated into the first week of March."

    Eric (Minnesota)

  • "I’d like to thank you guys for making a product that makes memories that I hope my sons will remember for the rest of their lives. Because I will remember them for as long as I live.”

    Steven (Illinois)

  • “We love everything about the rink. Easy set up, easy to store and very durable.” 

    Christie (Ontario)

Skating in the snow on the EZ ICE backyard rink.

The Favorite Backyard Rink Of So Many Families

EZ ICE has happy customers in 41 U.S. States, every Canadian province, and in 15 countries across the globe. 

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