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General Questions

What is the best size EZ ICE Rink for my family?

The best size for your rink depends on the size of your available space, intended use (competitive hockey vs. recreational), and approximate age of the skaters. Here are some things to consider:

  • Your kids will have fun on any size rink, and most families will go as large as their yard will allow.
  • Rounded corners are best for playing hockey.
  • Municipalities and Commercial use should factor 25-50sq ft per skater.
  • A regulation hockey rink is 85’ x 200’, but most families choose rinks between 20’ x 40’ and 60’ x 100’.

    I live in Canada...New England...Minnesota, do you have lots of customers here?

    Yes, EZ ICE has happy customers in 35 states, every Canadian province, and all across Europe and beyond!

    For Canadian customers, the CAD rates on our websites are for estimate purposes only. The checkout process is in USD and the actual amount you pay is based on the exchange rate as determined by your bank and/or credit card company. The exchange rate can fluctuate and EZ ICE has no control over these rates.

    Are EZ ICE Rinks good for hockey as well as recreational skating?

    Yes! Families, towns, schools and more love EZ ICE Rinks! Our rinks are great for competitive hockey as well as recreational skating.

    How old should my kids be before I order an EZ ICE Rink?

    EZ ICE Rinks are great for kids of any age. Most EZ ICE families have kids between the ages of 3 and 18.

    Can I easily expand my rink in the future?

    All EZ ICE Rink components were designed to be modular and incredibly easy to assemble. Expand your EZ ICE rink by simply paying the difference in price between your existing rink and any larger size, plus the cost of your new liner. EZ ICE Backyard Rink Experts calculate all components necessary for your expansion and ship you everything in one compact kit.

    How thick should my ice be?

    We recommend filling until the depth of the most shallow part of the rink reaches 2-3”. The depth may vary depending on the contour and slope of your yard, but an average of 3” will minimize the potential for cracking. For reference, most NHL rinks have only about 1-2” of ice, but are on top of a solid, concrete surface.

    Product Questions

    What materials are EZ ICE Rinks made of?

    EZ ICE Rinks are engineered from the highest quality materials in the industry – including the same high density, durable, plastic as NHL boards. In order to manufacture each rink, EZ ICE uses about a dozen manufacturing techniques in order to create the best backyard ice rink components in the world. All EZ ICE Rinks are designed to be simple and convenient to use and store. EZ ICE Rinks are not just tougher than the harshest winters, but can also withstand the hardest slap shots in the world.

    What are the dimensions of the boards?

    Each straight EZ ICE board is 16” tall x 60” (5ft) long x 1.5” wide. EZ ICE boards are perfect for keeping the puck within the rink, while allowing for easy 60-minute assembly.

    How far do the red brackets extend beyond the boards

    The red brackets extend 15” beyond the boards and are placed every 5 feet at the intersection of each board. EZ ICE brackets are 4” wide which allows them to be incredibly sturdy, while also very easy to store in the summer.

    How thick are the liners?

    All of our liners are made from 6 mil bright white poly. EZ ICE liners are strong enough to stand up to sticks and pucks even at sub-freezing temperatures. Our ultra-white liners ensure your rink freezes much faster than nearby ponds or lakes!

    Do the liners have the EZ ICE logo on them?

    EZ ICE liners are solid white and do not have a logo on them. The logo in the pictures is just for fun on our website.

    How long do EZ ICE Rinks last?

    EZ ICE Rinks are engineered from the highest quality materials. Besides the liner, all components should last 10 years or more. EZ ICE liners typically last 1 to 3 years, but most customers choose to replace their liner each winter.

    Can I make my current rink bigger or smaller?

    Yes, EZ ICE Rinks are very easy to expand in future years (see above for more info). Making your rink smaller is as simple as removing boards and brackets until you reach your desired dimensions. EZ ICE straps can be easily shortened like the straps on a backpack.

    Installation Questions

    Will my rink damage my grass?

    As long as you do not lay down your liner until after the first frost, and remove it early in the Spring, your grass will be fine. The liner and ice actually insulate the grass and keep it protected all winter long.

    Do you offer installation?

    The 60 Minute Backyard Rink™ is so easy to install, anyone can do it! If you really want someone to help install your rink, we recommend contacting a local landscaper or handyman. No prior experience is necessary!

    How much slope can my rink accommodate?

    EZ ICE Rinks are tested and engineered to hold up to 12” of water as denoted by the “maximum fill line” on the boards. Based on our recommended 2-3” of water in the most shallow part of your rink, this allows for 9” of slope between the lowest and highest part of your yard. This can be increased slightly by reducing the level of water in your shallow end and is dependent on individual circumstances. Most customers with sloped yards report their rinks accommodating 12” or more of slope, but we cannot guarantee filling above the max fill line.

    How do I measure slope?

    We recommend purchasing a basic laser level and using it to find the slope most accurately. You can use a self balancing level. Make sure to get a green laser as a red laser does not show up well outside. (EZ ICE is unaffiliated with this 3rd party brand.)

    Shipping Questions

    Do you ship to Canada?

    Yes. We sell a high volume of rinks to Canadian customers. We collect local taxes and handle duties/customs work at the border.  

    For Canadian customers, the CAD rates on our websites are for estimate purposes only. The checkout process is in USD and the actual amount you pay is based on the exchange rate as determined by your bank and/or credit card company. The exchange rate can fluctuate and EZ ICE has no control over these rates.

    What is the current shipping time?

    We are seeing unprecedented demand for rinks this year and shipping times can be dynamic based on the volume of orders at any given time. The EZ ICE Team is working around the clock to ensure that we manufacture, package, and ship all EZ ICE Rinks as quickly as possible. 

    At this time, the majority of orders are estimated to ship the next business day. We do our best to ship all orders in the fastest time. We cannot guarantee shipping or delivery times.

    You will receive an email confirmation once your order ships.

    Additional Questions?

    Our Backyard Rink Experts are available seven days a week, day and night!
    Phone: (262) EZ–ICE60 [262.394.2360]