Designed for Assembly on Frozen Ground

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EZ ICE Customers Talk About Their Experience

"The entire neighborhood loves our EZ ICE Rink (we had 6 boys playing hockey for 4 hours yesterday!)" - Joanna (MA)

"We absolutely love our EZ ICE Rink. All 3 of our kids use it a bunch. They have a blast! My son's hands and confidence have really improved over this winter and it has really come through on his team. It's been great fun and a total success." - Todd (MI)

EZ ICE Rinks Across North America (Real Customers)

"As an ice rink novice I fully expected this would be somewhat challenging to assemble, but I couldn't be more wrong. My 8 and 6 year old boys and I had it up in under an hour. It was so easy! My 5 inch pitch in my yard was no issue. A huge success. My kids are already pestering me to expand it next year." - Matt (NY)

"Each night after school my daughter comes home and gets an hour on her ezice. Her coach has commented that her stick handling has improved as a result. The ability to have her own small area to just play by herself is awesome." - Paul (NJ)

"Our new community EZ ICE Rink was an incredible hit it's first winter! Residents in town can't wait to get back out on the ice again this year - for once people are actually wishing for colder weather! It was quick and easy to assemble with a small group of people. Our 40x80' rink provided months of fun for skaters and hockey players of all ages here in Ely, Iowa!" - Callie (IA)

"Quickest set up and take down in the business! I can't wait for winter simply because of this rink!!!" - Peter (CT)