Designed for Assembly on Frozen Ground

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Commitment to Sustainability

As a leader in backyard hockey, EZ ICE strives to do our part to limit our environmental impact. Our mission has always been to help grow the game of hockey and get 1 million kids on the ice. We believe that with this mission, we must also secure a cleaner planet for future kids and hockey players. Through simple changes, both on our end and yours, we can achieve a more sustainable backyard hockey experience. 

Proudly Made in the USA with Majority U.S. Parts

At EZ ICE, our products are proudly made right here in the USA with majority U.S. parts. This means creating safer products, limiting our emissions and pollutants, and treating our workers fairly. EZ ICE is a purchase you can feel good about.  

We have laid out the following information and guidelines to promote the sustainable use of our product:

Boards and Brackets

By producing durable rinks, we are able to cut down on the energy and waste we use. Unlike homemade backyard rinks, which are frequently replaced each year, one EZ ICE rink is built to last a lifetime. This means less waste in our world’s landfills, and an easy installation for you each year.

Nearly all EZ ICE Rinks products, including the bracket and boards, are built to be recycled when the time comes. Please see the plastic numbers we use in our pieces below. 

EZ ICE Boards: number 2 plastic, high density polyethylene (HDPE)

EZ ICE Brackets: number 5 plastic, polypropylene (PP)


Our liners are made of polyethylene plastic, recyclable number 4. While these can be recycled, we know it is difficult to find locations that accept liners for recycling. Start by checking if your local solid waste authority accepts number 4 LDPE plastic in your curbside recycling program. If so, simply place it in your recycling bin on the appropriate day. Your solid waste authorities may also accept number 4 LDPE plastic at a central facility, in which case you may drop it off at your designated recycling location.

If you cannot recycle your liner in your community, we recommend repurposing it. When thrown in the garbage, a liner is sent to a landfill, where it will take up to 100 years to decompose. To put this in perspective, think of all the liners your family will use, combined with all the families in your town, state, and all over the world. That is a lot of plastic going to waste! So, what else can you do?

Minimize the number of liners you use.

  • In order to minimize the amount of plastic we produce, we recommend patching and repairing ripped liners when possible, rather than replacing them.
  • Each EZ ICE kit comes with a roll of heavy duty liner tape to patch rips, even underwater. We encourage our customers to use the liner tape to fix mid-season liner tears whenever possible.

Season over? Consider finding a creative way to repurpose your liner! You can even try listing the liner on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace for free, and see what happens. There are many different uses for old liners. We’re sure someone in your community would be thrilled to take it off your hands. Many communities have online forums geared toward sharing materials to be reused. Check out resources available in your area with a simple online search!